The Cabaña is tucked away in a quiet,
green, river valley that opens out just as you
leave the Parque Nacional.

The Cabaña is situated on the banks of Rio Carrileufú, between the tiny hamlet of Villa Rivadavia and the small frontier town of Cholila (Mapuche for 'beautiful valley'). To get there, the flight from Buenos Aires's domestic airport to Bariloche - or Esquel - is just under two hours. The road heading south to Cholinga from Bariloche is empty, curvy – turning a little country-crazy after El Bolson. From Esquel, you climb up into snow-peaked mountains, past lakes, glaciers and trees over two thousand years old. The road winds through wide-open Patagonian country turning to track as you enter the spectacular Parque Nacional Los Alerces.

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