Cabaña Cholinga is situated in an area where, for some, there is only one means of transport. Horse-back.

Riding and Trekking in the surrounding countryside is the recommended method of exploring some of Patagonia's unspoilt countryside - as is walking. In particular, to the Cerro La Momia. If you're not fly-fishing, go rafting – or sailing on the many lakes. Discover Ecotourism. Or take a Photographic Safari - or a guided tour to the many Rivers and Lakes (Rivadavia, Carrileufú, Chubut, Myrtle, Frei, Cholila, Menendez and Kruger). The Museum Leleque is where you can see how Indian communities and European pioneers shaped the Patagonia of today. Or simply picnic by one of the lakes in The Parque Nacional with some of its 2000 year old residents.
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